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Hi, my name is Timothy Vanco and
I am ready to help you!

about me

Hi! I am 21 years old and I'm from Slovakia. This summer I look for an opportunity to help companies or startups fix their problems....
I am young I want to learn that's what I love.


  • 2012 - 2016 Secondary Technical School Mechatronics (electrical and mechanical engineering, informatics, robotics). Finished with average 1,3 and all maturita tests marked with 1,0.
  • 2013 - 2016 Harmony - Private English School Top private school in Trnava city. Lessons with native speakers. Awarded a FCE certificate in 2016.
  • 2016 - 2019 Nexteria Leadership Academy 3 - year program for students with the ambition to be leaders in business, politics and other important areas of society. Intensive program to improve practical skills, strong relationships and ethical values. We cooperate on many business projects for companies.
  • 2016 - 2019 VUT - Electrical engineering faculty Accepted without admission procedure to university studies at the department focused on automation, artificial intelligence, programming, robotics and measuring technology.


  • 2015 (May, June) BIZZCOM - Intern Working on 3D printer. Building autonomous robot. Connecting electrical circuits and building an assembly lines.
  • 2015 - 2016 ZF - Trainee Programming robotic arm – KUKA. Also got many experiences in pneumatics, hydraulics, lathe and cutter.
  • 2016 - 2017 StartItUp - Author of technical articles Writing professional articles about business, devices, apps, IT and technical stuff. (20+ articles written every month).
  • 2017 (June, September) ABB - Intern Programming ABB ROBOTS on flexpendant/robot studio. Work on the entire ordering process of the robot from ordering, transporting, storing and checking the new - supplied robot.
  • 2017 (June, now) NEXTERIA - Social Media Manager Managing communication with partners of Nexteria on social networks, preparing opinion-creating posts, writing articles/blogs. (5+ posts every week with reach on more than 5000+ people)


  • Coding C/C++, MATLAB/Simulink, VHDL, Eagle, Python, Robot Studio, Web Development - HTML/CSS/JS
  • Technics Building electrical circuits, soldering, building robots and systems for measurement, design stuff in software for 3D printer...
  • Team leadership Lead a group of people, cooperate with team, motivate...
  • DIY - Raspberry Pi, Arduino Raspberry Pi - colour and skin recognition, autonomous system for robot
    Arduino - measurement system and sensors
  • *and driving license


  • KDMS (2015-now) Chairman of the KDMS District Council (Christian Democratic Youth of Slovakia). Organization of regular monthly meetings/discussions with young people interested in politics and public affairs. Organization of activities for the general public.
  • Volunteer - animator Animator in Salesian’s Oratorium. Preparing summer camps for children.
  • Organize events Co-organizer of events in Oratorium. From small happenings (for 20 people) through summer camps (200 people) to big events, like the biggest gospel festival in Central Europe - Lumen.
  • *and also travelling and reading...

What I can offer you:

  • Help in technical problems (circuits, soldering, building robot, 3D printing...)
  • Code in several languages (microcontrollers, software for robots or automatization, sensors, web...)
  • Offer advice in design, make keynote presentations, record video of your products...
  • Work on projects you never had time for...
  • Work more than your employee for less money :D

Don't forget!!!
I have a time to learn anything new!!!


  • goldstar

    1st at School Olympionics at Math and Informatics(2013, 2014)

  • goldstar

    Cambridge Certificate of English - FCE (2016)

  • goldstar

    Major's reward for extraordinary school results for representation of Trnava (hometown) on national level (2016)

  • goldstar

    1st at School and Region and 6th in Slovakia at the Technical Activity Contest with my robot VISION (2016)

  • goldstar

    1st at the technical contest organized by Honeywell in field of USAGE with 3D printed robotic arm with sensors controlled by PC with data sending through laser (2017)

...and this is him, probably one of my greatest achievements...


  • Vision and Me The main goal of this project was to gain new knowledge in the field of robotics, technical skills in design and production of printed circuit boards and to improve programming skills. This is the reason why I decided to make a robot operated autonomously through sonars. Subsequently I also added a camera module, which monitors field in front of the robot and also sends images via Wi-Fi. I wrote the code for object colour and human skin recognition. I also added a code for robot speech, so now Vision can say something about itself. Newest upgrade brings system, which can measure temperature, humidity and luminance in Vision's proximity.

Freetime projects

3D printed robotic arm

We have successfully managed to send data, control a 3D printed robotic hand, measure the physical properties of the environment, and display them just with the instructions sent through the laser.


I belong to the group of volunteers, who make the biggest gospel festival in Central Europe. It's name is Lumen.

Cognitive tour

I organized a cognitive tour for 50 students to acquire knowledge about history of our literature writers from the last century in Trnava and Bratislava region.

a Summer camp

I with a few friends organized summer camp for 200 people for 1 week.


As a volunteer, I'm an animator in Salesian's Oratorium, where we organize events for young people in order to improve their social life.

the Night of Chances

I was part of organization team from Nexteria in the biggest student conference in Slovakia. Students can meet there CEO's of many worldwide companies like Eset, Sygic...

Why do I want to help you???

I attend VUT University in Brno, therefore I will have a free time in summer, which I don't want to waste. Hopefully I have fascinated you enough, so that I can join your team and do some awesome stuff!!! Please, let my dream come true and...

...Contact me...

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